Dinner Rush

1h, 34m 2000
7.4star /10 55 votes
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Is it just another evening at the hugely popular Italian restaurant of proprietor and bookmaker Louis Cropa in New York? Anything but as tonight's guests include; a local police detective and his wife specially invited by the owner; on the balcony rival bookmaker gangsters from Queens who want to become partners in the restaurant; in the corner renowned food critic 'the food nymph' is her usual demanding self; and at the bar, seemingly unnoticed, is Ken. As the evening continues enter Duncan, inveterate gambler and sous-chef on-the-line in the frenetic kitchen downstairs, who acts as the catalyst that causes the evening to draw to its inevitable, explosive, deadly conclusion.
Budget: $2,000,000.00Revenue: $1,075,504.00
"Dinner Rush" TV Trailer
Dinner Rush - Killer zum Dessert ≣ 2000 ≣ Trailer
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