Die Austernlilli

1h, 23m 1937
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The Parisian restaurant "At the Oyster King's" is looking for a new waitress, whose job would be to crack open oysters with a newfangled oyster cracker (how exciting!). But who would have thought that this newfound invention would lead to so much turmoil (they're French, aren't they?)?! Through a mix-up, Lilli Dupont gets the job. But Lilli is no waitress, but rather a talented singer, waiting in vain for an engagement. She takes the job and soon every male visitor is laying at her feet. So that Lilli doesn't constantly have to fight off all the horny men, the cashier Aristide spreads the rumor that Lilli is actually the daughter of the millionaire van Muhlen, to whom the "Oyster King" belongs (daughter of a millionaire?!? Oh yes, of course: that will dissuade potential suitors!).
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