Den kloge mand

1h, 38m 1956
Classic Danish
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In the small idyllic town Randrup, lives on nature-loving and friendly thatcher Rasmus Thomsen (Oswald Helmuth). In addition to refurbish people's roofs, he runs a small "geschæft" that "The wise man". Son Ulf (Frits Helmuth), which reads the doctor's home on leave before the final exam in Copenhagen. Rasmus' big dream has always been that Ulf had to be "real doctor" and achieve what he always wanted so dearly. By thrift and income have gained through the many patients who seek Him from far and near, he has been able to afford his son's studies. His reputation as a wise man has knowledge of.
Gitte Haenning - Die Filme - Den kloge mand (Dänemark 1956)
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