Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back

1h, 30m 2018
6.7star /10 572 votes
Even assassins have to hit their targets
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William has failed to kill himself so many times that he outsources his suicide to aging assassin Leslie. But with the contract signed and death assured within a week (or his money back), William suddenly discovers reasons to live... However Leslie is under pressure from his boss to make sure the contract is completed.
DEAD IN A WEEK (or your money back) OFFICIAL TRAILER
Morto tra una settimana... O ti ridiamo i soldi - Trailer italiano ufficiale [HD]
Bérgyilkost fogadtam - magyar szinkronos előzetes #1 / Vígjáték
Кілер з гарантією - офіційний трейлер (українською)
DEAD IN A WEEK Trailer German Deutsch (2018) Exklusiv
Фильм «Вы умрете, или мы вернем вам деньги» — Русский трейлер [Дубляж, 2018]
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