Chittemma Mogudu

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The young village girl Chitti (Divya Bharti) is a bubbly and fun-loving childwoman. She's enjoying life with her young group of friends consisting of three younger boys. One day, while playing one of her pranks, an old man curses her. On top of that, she witnesses a pregnant woman falling at night and suffering immense pain before ultimately dying. This incident causes Chitti's fear of pregnancy. However, the young man Mohan Babu visits the village and befriends Chitti. Soon after that, her parents arrange the marriage between Chitti and Mohan Babu. Both are more than happy with this arrangement. After the wedding, however, Chitti doesn't want to consummate the marriage out of fear of pregnancy. Mohan Babu is unhappy about it and soon gets attracted to a young doctor (Pooja Bedi). Dreaming of spending nights with her, Mohan Babu gets drunk and soon after goes home and rapes Chittui.
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