Cheating in Chains

1h, 32m 2006
6.5star /10 75 votes
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Olímpia loves her bosses, Inês and Eduardo. Eduardo loves Inês, his wife, who loves Eduardo, her husband. Inês is a friend of Lígia´s, who loves her husband Cristiano. Cristiano loves Lígia, his wife. Vera loves Cláudio, her husband, who doesnt love Vera. Inês thinks that Eduardo is having an affair with Salete, Cristiano thinks that Lígia is having an affair with Ricco, Vera thinks that Cláudio has an affair with Inês and Eduardo thinks that Inês has an affair with Cláudio. The action takes place in a middle class condo where Olímpia, a clumsy maid, carries out the most unbelievable confusions, making everybody believes that love is a game in which one always cheats.
Budget: $313.00
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