Carter's Games

3h, 3m 2018
Have you ever been played?
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April O'Neil is complaining to her husband about them living at his sister Carter Cruise's house when her sister-in-law overhears the conversation. April gets off the phone and apologizes for what she said. Carter blows it off and tries to convince April to hang out with her so they can bond. Carter Cruise sees bully Bree tyrannizing her hot neighbor Mia Malkova on the street and rushes outside to her rescue. She is happy that Carter intervened and leans in to give a tender kiss. Ashley Adams gets off the phone with her study buddy whose tongue she just finished riding, while her unsuspecting sorority sister girlfriend Serena Blair is waiting at the house. Carter is up to her old tricks trying to get April to play her silly games. Carter persuades April to have sex but she's worried that her husband upstairs will hear them.
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