Candlelight's Woman

1h, 32m 1995
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Lam Hung is a loudmouth street hooker with a useless crippled gambling-addicted husband Ching and son Man. Hung's friend Fei is an nightclub hostess, and Fei's lesbian sister Mei/Mooi seems bent on total self destruction after her girlfriend May dumps her for a boy. Mei becomes mixed up with tabloid journalist Wah, who convinces her to allow him to photograph her as she jumps off a building. Hung receives a marriage proposal from regular client Wai, a police officer. Causing trouble for all of them is Saur, the local loan shark and crime boss. Ching is in debt to Saur, he runs the club where Fei works, and he brings in Mainland girls who undercut the local streetgirl's prices. Wah and Mei become sort-of lovers, and Wah does a story on the streetwalkers, in order to influence public opinion against Saur and his mainlanders.
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