Call from Darkness

2h, 5m 1981
A psycho mystery. The one she loves is about to vanish. Is someone luring him out? Or...
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Keiko Inagawa (Asami Kobayashi) pays a visit to neurologist Aizawa about her fiancé Tatsuo Tamura (Kaoru Kobayashi). A mysterious case involving the disappearance of Tatsuo’s three brothers, one after the other, is yet to be resolved and now Tatsuo, seized with the idea that he too may disappear, has had a nervous breakdown. Aizawa suggests that Tatsuo recount his dreams as a means of solving the mystery, since human beings have an instinct that foretells the near future in the form of a dream. Keiko and Tatsuo eventually discover that the three disappearances have a strange connection…
あの頃映画 the BEST 松竹ブルーレイ・コレクション『真夜中の招待状』2015/6/3リリース!
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