Bud and Lou

1h, 38m 1978
Comedy is No Laughing Matter
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They were the greatest partners that ever partnered, partner. No, I haven’t lost the ability to write, I’m simply repeating the word repeated ad nauseam in the 1978 television biopic, Bud and Lou. I avoided watching/reviewing this for a while, predominately because I know absolutely nothing about Abbott and Costello, and the duo, embodied by Buddy Hackett and Harvey Korman, instilled a belief this was a cheapo TV movie….which it is. Bud and Lou plays as if the screenwriter read a Sparknotes write-up about the duo and thought it was too long. On top of it all, the characters are bipolar in temperament and horribly miscast. For a movie about two comedians, the only humor derived is in the belief this television movie was a good idea. Bud Abbott (Korman) and Lou Costello (Hackett) struggle to rise up the burlesque ranks, eventually becoming successful comedic actors. However, various problems complicate their fame.
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