BoBoiBoy The Movie

1h, 40m 2016
7.9star /10 22 votes
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BoBoiBoy embarks on a theatrical adventure with his first feature film BoBoiBoy: The Movie. The movie brings BoBoiBoy and his friends on an adventure on a mysterious island that houses an ancient Sfera Kuasa older than Ochobot with untold powers. BoBoiBoy will meet his toughest foe yet, an alien treasure hunter who is looking to harness the power from this Sfera Kuasa for his own greedy needs. It's now a race between BoBoiBoy and the aliens to reach this Sfera Kuasa and unlock the new powers. Experience an exotic new place, never before seen villains and a new power from BoBoiBoy.
Budget: $1,230,920.00
BoBoiBoy The Movie Trailer 2 - In Cinemas 3 March (Malaysia) & 13 April (Indonesia)
BoBoiBoy The Movie Trailer #1 - 3 Mac (Malaysia) & 13 April (Indonesia)
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