Blood Diamond

2h, 23m 2006
7.8star /10 13.3 k votes
It will cost you everything.
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An ex-mercenary turned smuggler. A Mende fisherman. Amid the explosive civil war overtaking 1999 Sierra Leone, these men join for two desperate missions: recovering a rare pink diamond of immense value and rescuing the fisherman's son conscripted as a child soldier into the brutal rebel forces ripping a swath of torture and bloodshed countrywide.
Budget: $100,000,000.00Revenue: $170,877,916.00
Blood Diamond - Official Trailer
Blood Diamond Trailer HD
Tráiler español de "Diamante de sangre" (Blood diamond)
Blood Diamond trailer ita
Blood Diamond  ( bande annonce VF )
Blood Diamond [2006 / Official Trailer / german]
Blood Diamond - Official® Trailer [HD]
Blood Diamond ≣ 2006 ≣ Trailer ≣ German | Deutsch
Кровавый алмаз (2006) — Русский трейлер
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