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Blonde Fire

1h, 25m 1978
So Hot You'll Melt in Your Seat!!!
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South Africa provides the lush and exotic backdrop for this hard-boiled Johnny Wadd thriller. Hired to puck-up a four-million dollar diamond called the Blonde Fire. Wadd arrives in the dark continent with a suitcase full of cash and his gun loaded. In no time at all, Johnny has traded his cash for the diamond, and unloaded his big gun into a bevy of beautiful broads. Much to his chagrin, Johnny finds out he's been had the diamond is a fake, and his women have all been spies for a notorious underground kingpin know only as Malcolm. In the seedy Capetown underground, a gorgeous Morrocan bellydancer who engages him in one of the most erotic trysts in the annals of adult cinema. Tying all the loose ends together with his dexterity, Johnny heads back for home to celebrate his success with his beautiful blonde girlfriend and unknown newcomer known only as SEKA.

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