From fan editor Agent Sam Stanley comes this attempt to recreated the lost director's cut of The Blair Witch 2. With the guidance of the original director of the film, Joe Berlinger, this fan edit has come as close as possible to the original vision for the film, a darkly satyrical view of the effects of urban legends and the mass hysteria surrounding the release of The Blair Witch Project. "I’ve always been a fan of the 2000 Blair Witch sequel, Book of Shadows. I’ve decided to make my own attempt to 'fix' all the issues in the film, removing all the footage imposed by the studio and a few other things I didn’t like. In short, I removed the unnecessary gore and the cheap scares to make the film more psychological and ambiguous, like the director originally intended," - Agent Sam Stanley. The film follows a group of Blair Witch hunters as they attempt to prove the legend true or false but it soon becomes uncertain what's real and what's in their heads.
Blair Witch 2 - Recut (Trailer)
Blair Witch 2 Recut (Intro Comparison)
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