Belle de Jour

1h, 41m 1967
7.6star /10 898 votes
Luis Bunuel's Masterpiece of Erotica!
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Beautiful young housewife Séverine Serizy cannot reconcile her masochistic fantasies with her everyday life alongside dutiful husband Pierre. When her lovestruck friend Henri mentions a secretive high-class brothel run by Madame Anais, Séverine begins to work there during the day under the name Belle de Jour. But when one of her clients grows possessive, she must try to go back to her normal life.
BELLE DE JOUR -  Official Trailer - Directed by Luis Buñuel & newly restored
Three Reasons: Belle de jour
BELLE DE JOUR (1967) Edition Intro
BELLE DE JOUR Trailer Deutsch | 4K restaurierte Wiederaufführung ab 20. Juli 2017 im Kino!
Belle de jour – Bande Annonce VF - 1967
Luis Bunuel: Bella di Giorno (1967)
Bella di giorno-Buñuel
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