Bécassine !

1h, 42m 2018
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Born to a poor farming family in Brittany, Bécassine finds work as a nanny with the Marquise de Grand-Air who has recently adopted a lovely baby named Loulotte. A strong bond develops between Becassine and Loulotte, and life is sweet, until the Grand-Airs are threatened with financial ruin… Can Bécassine save the day? Naïve, funny, dreamy, optimistic, loving, Bécassine is also inventive, courageous and always ready to handle any situation in her own unique way – a superheroine like no other. César-winner Bruno Podalydès returns with a family movie adapted from the beloved French comic book Bécassine.
Bécassine  - Bande Annonce Officielle - UGC Distribution
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