Battle in Outer Space

1h, 30m 1959
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Will the Earth be reduced to space dust? A giant battle unfolds on the other side of the moon!
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In 1965, the space station JSS-3 is attacked by a fleet of UFOs. After the station is destroyed, the saucers make their way to Earth. They then begin a global siege on the planet, using absolute zero rays to manipulate gravity. In response, a global council meeting is held to determine the source of the attacks. There, a representative becomes suddenly stricken with head pain. It is later revealed that he has become mind controlled by the invaders. Revealing themselves to be the Natarl, the aliens declare war on humanity. In response, Earth prepares the SPIP rocket ships. Their plan is to take the war to the aliens, by having a battle in outer space...
Battle in Outer Space Japanese Trailer
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