Baby Doll

1h, 54m 1956
7.1star /10 113 votes
She's nineteen. She makes her husband keep away -- she won't let the stranger go.
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Based on a play by Tennessee Williams, "Baby Doll" centers on Archie Lee Meighan (Karl Malden), a failing cotton gin owner who is married to Baby Doll (Carroll Baker), a 19-year old childlike beauty whose father arranged the marriage for financial reasons. As Archie awaits the arrival of Baby Doll's 20th birthday, the day that they are supposed to consummate their marriage, he faces interference from business rival Silva Vacarro (Eli Wallach), who plots to seduce Baby Doll away from Meighan.
Baby Doll (1956) Official Trailer - Karl Malden, Carroll Baker Movie HD
Larry Karaszewski on BABY DOLL
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