Attila Marcel

1h, 46m 2013
7.0star /10 70 votes
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Paul is a sweet man-child, raised — and smothered — by his two eccentric aunts in Paris since the death of his parents when he was a toddler. Now thirty-three, he still does not speak. Paul's aunts have only one dream for him: to win piano competitions. Although Paul practices dutifully, he remains unfulfilled until he submits to the interventions of his upstairs neighbour. Suitably named after the novelist, Madame Proust offers Paul a concoction that unlocks repressed memories from his childhood and awakens the most delightful of fantasies.
Attila Marcel Official French Trailer #1 (2013) - Comedy HD
Attila Marcel - Bande annonce officielle
[JIFF 수입/배급] '마담 프루스트의 비밀정원' 티저예고편
Мой Аттила Марсель - Трейлер
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