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Around the World with Timon & Pumbaa

1h, 13m 1996
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Volta Ao Mundo com Timão e Pumba
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Join Timon and Pumbaa, your favorite friends from The Lion King, for outrageous laughs and high-spirited, globe-trotting adventures! First stopBoara Boara. Pumbaa gets the royal treatment when island natives think hes their long-lost king! Its a lesson in true friendship when Pumbaa strikes it rich and the evil criminal Quint steals his gold in Yukon Con. Then, Timon & Pumbaa play matchmaker for a couple of lovesick flying squirrels in Saskatchewan Catch. In Brazil Nuts, theres a rumble in the Amazon jungle when Timon & Pumbaa have to outsmart a couple of snakes that want to serve them up for dinner.

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