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Are You Here

1h, 25m 2015
4.7star /10 17 votes
앱을 실행하는 순간, 산 자와 죽은 자의 세상이 이어진다!
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Min (Jacqueline Ch'ng), Lung (Sammy Sum), Keong and Fen are business partners of an online game design company, which is on the verge of winding up due to the lack of clients. Just as things start to get worse, a mysterious lady, Mrs. Wong (Paw Hee Ching) offers them a sizable sum of money if they could complete the final stages of her deceased son's online game - Ouija Board and launch it thereafter. They readily accept the business. Soon mysterious things happen and they experience ghost sightings.
Budget: $650,000.00

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