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In a beautiful holiday island of Hawaii Island held a large celebration with dancing , singing and boat racing . Among the visitors to the island is a merchant Goya and his assistant Moku . They met with Makali and Priyo who lived there and also took part in the event were provided. Makali have a beautiful little girl named Aloha . Aloha Priyo and love each other but also merchant Nagoya has feelings for Aloha . Nagoya threatened Aloha merchant father of Makali to bless their marriage because the merchant knows that Goya was formerly pirate Makali actually required and never known by the name Sankali . Merchant Nagoya also sent her daughter to bring Priyo Silpi to a different island so Aloha can forget it. Priyo good friend , a musician named Banjo get to know the real thing and go to the island to help his friend .

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