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Alien: Covenant Prologue - She Won't Go Quietly

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"She Won't Go Quietly" depicts Daniels having to combat a Xenomorph that is loose aboard the Covenant. It was directed by Luke Scott. The video is notable in that (unlike the majority of the short films created for both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant) the events it depicts are incongruous with the feature film, and thus it clearly cannot exist within the same continuity — aside from the fact Daniels' actions in combating the Xenomorph aboard the Covenant differ from those seen in the movie, it also features the characters Faris and Ledward, both of whom die on Planet 4 long before a Xenomorph gets loose aboard the colony ship. The video was originally released on May 5, 2017 through YouTube, as part of the viral marketing campaign for Alien: Covenant.

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