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2h, 54m 1990
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Much-loved village schoolmaster Dinanath Chavan (Alok Nath) strongly opposes the plans of Kancha Cheena (Danny Dengzongpa) and his band of gangsters to set up a base for heroin smuggling. After being discredited in a set-up scandal and lynched by the manipulated villagers, his family is evicted and made destitute much to Cheena's advantage. Swearing revenge after his father's murder and the attempted rape of his mother Suhasini Chavan (Rohini Hattangadi) go unpunished, and with a burning desire to clear his father's name, his son Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan)) takes on the responsibilities of caring for his mother and sister Siksha (Neelam) that, by a strange twist of fate, cause him to become a gangster in his own right.

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