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Ace In The Hole

1h, 2m 1988
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Collection of six short films. Includes: Ace In The Hole — Tom and Mark, two horny studs are shootin' the bull in their dorm, broke, dateless and bored, until Tom suggests a game of strip poker. Once More With Feeling — Dave and Dean live in the city but the country is where they met and that's where they return to recapture that hot, horny glow. Chip — A college jock works himself into a frenzy after a rigorous workout. Some One Cares — Bob and Mike, two of the freshest, most wholesome young men you have ever seen, experience oral lovemaking to a degree few have known. Chris and Cal — Two all-American men explore each other's rock-hard bodies, exciting themselves to new heights. Dream Man — Michael Wayne exudes that hot magnetism that makes him a true dream man.

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