A Wolf Among Lambs

16m 1913
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Don Fernando, smitten with Giulia, a Spanish dancer, persuades the young and innocent girl to run away with him. Valeska, the sister, finds a note on the table the following morning, telling her that Giulia has gone, never to return. Months later, however, Giulia returns to her home, having been deserted by her unfaithful lover. Giulia enters the convent. The sister meets Don Fernando some time later. He tries to influence the girl to marry him. Don Fernando's life is saved by Sister Valencia, who interferes just as Valeska is about to stab the villain. Valeska is later thrown into a dungeon by Fernando, who declares he will '"have her." The pretty Spanish girl does not stay in her prison long. Sister Valencia, discovering Valeska's whereabouts, gets her out of her prison in a clever way. Valeska then enters the convent, where her sister is overjoyed at the happy meeting, and ending.
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