A Second Chance

1h, 45m 2015
6.3star /10 268 votes
How far would you go?
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Detectives and best friends Andreas and Simon lead vastly different lives; Andreas has settled down with his beautiful wife and son; while Simon, recently divorced, spends most of his waking hours getting drunk at the local strip club. But all that changes when the two of them are called out to a domestic dispute between a junkie couple, caught in a vicious cycle of violence and drugs. It all looks very routine – until Andreas finds the couple's infant son, crying in a closet. The usually collected policeman finds himself confronted with his own powerlessness and is shaken to his core. As Andreas slowly loses his grip on justice, it suddenly becomes up to the unruly Simon to restore the balance between right and wrong.
Budget: $4,700,000.00
En Chance Til – Trailer
ZWEITE CHANCE Trailer Deutsch German (2015)
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Segunda Chance - Trailer legendado [HD]
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