A Night for Legends

1h, 26m 1985
...An Evening to Remember
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utting together an awards show is a monumental task. Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, they've all had a lot of practice, and the result is a smooth-run, professional-looking program. But, the first show for each was probably a bit chaotic. This is the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO)'s first attempt at an awards show for the adult film industry. Chaos doesn't begin to describe it. Held in a showbar in West Hollywood on Valentine's Day, 1985, XRCO awarded fifteen "Heart-Ons" to actors, actresses, screenwriters, directors, theatrical films and direct-to-videos, and another three in an all-male category. An additional five Heart-Ons, with categories like "Lascivious Lesbian" and "Orgasmic Oral" went to participants in specific scenes
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