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Χούλιγκανς: Κάτω τα χέρια απ' τα νιάτα!

1h, 46m
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Η αλήθεια βρίσκεται στου Sex Pistols! Γκέγκε;
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Giorgos is a young man who just graduated from college. His parents are preparing a party to celebrate this occasion. George spoils the evening by appearing dressed like a woman as a reaction to the rotten modern society. After a fight with his parents he leaves home and teams up with the "Hooligans", a bunch of punks that cause trouble at football games and destroy everything that stands in their way. One night during a fight, George breaks his spine and as doctors say, he will never walk again. His father starts investigating by himself and finds out that the hooligans are lead by a Nazi organization that take advantage of the whole chaotic situation in order to gain power! When the hooligans learn about the manipulation, they go after the fascists.

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