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Η Κρεβατομουρμούρα

1h, 23m 1971
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Lawyer Savvas Tsiviklis receives a gift from an old girlfriend, Kiki Petachtidou, who has just returned from the Congo. The gift is two small wooden lions which, in order not to find his wife Koula and mad in the bedroom, gives them to a well-known young man. In a while, however, his wife comes and gives him the lions he had previously given to the young man. Savvas goes crazy and begins the quarrels and jealousy that bachelor Menios supposes by constantly exclaiming "What good do I do and not get married!" Of course, in the end, they clear everything, since Koula from the beginning She had said the lions were a gift from an old classmate, Ms. Contoyorgus, and those that Savvas gave to the young, though quite the same, were different.

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