3 Türken und ein Baby

1h, 39m 2015
5.9star /10 153 votes
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The Yildiz brothers - Celal, Sami and Mesut - still live under one roof - despite their differences. The family bridal shop is doing really badly and they each yearn for a different life: Heartthrob Celal pines for his ex-girlfriend Anna and risks every last cent of their family inheritance for his dream of a mobile phone shop. Sami is searching for true love but ruins every blind date with his anger mis-management. And Mesut, the youngest of the three, tries to combine a cool music career with his strict adherence to the Koran. So when a sweet little baby comes careering into their lives, nothing is as it was before. The three young Turkish bachelors are given a crash course in responsibility.
3 TÜRKEN UND EIN BABY Trailer [2015] | Kostja Ullmann Eko Fresh
3 TÜRKEN & EIN BABY | Offizieller deutscher Trailer
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