The Big Bottom Box

1993 — 2003
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Collected live shows based on the popular TV series written by and starring Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, bundled with the feature length film. Mayall & Edmondson play Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler - a perpetually optimistic dimwit, and a cheerfully violent dipsomaniac, respectively. The two cohabit a grim world of constant fighting and haplessness but appear blissfully unaware that they are in any way abnormal and instead choose to believe the rest of the world is inhabited by thick losers. Titles included: 'Bottom Live - The Stage Show' (1993), 'Bottom - The Big Number 2 Tour' (1995), 'Bottom 3 - Hooligan's Island' (1997), 'Bottom Live 2001 - An Arse Oddity' (2001), 'Bottom Live 2003 - Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour' (2003), and the feature film 'Guest House Paradiso'(1999).
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