1985 — 1985
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Lace is an American television two-part miniseries, based on the novel of the same name by author Shirley Conran. The plot concerns the search by sex symbol Lili for her natural mother, who surrendered her for adoption as a newborn. Lace was one of the highest-rated television movies of the 1983-84 television season. Lace was followed by a two-part sequel, Lace II. The principal cast was identical to Lace, with two exceptions: Deborah Raffin replaces Bess Armstrong in the role of Judy Hale, and Michael Fitzpatrick replaced Simon Chandler as Nick Cliffe. The plot of Lace II involves Lili's search for the identity of her father. It used the marketing line "Which one of you bastards is my father?". The opening theme of the miniseries, "Tell Me No More Lies" was performed by Deniece Williams. We learn in the end that Lili's father is Prince Abdullah of Sydon, who raped Judy on her way back to school after a one-night stand with Nick Cliffe who was already engaged.
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