All Night Long

1992 — 2003
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The debut entry in a disturbing series of "Gen-X" shockers from Japan, "All Night Long" (1992) follows three youths who set out on a brutal mission of revenge when one of their dates is gang-raped. Yoji Ietomi, Ryosuke Suzuki star. AKA: "Ooru Naito Rongu." Then, "All Night Long 2: Atrocity" (1995) details how an introverted teen suffers at the hands of a gang whose leader is drawn to him. Masashi Endo, Kanori Kadomatsu star. AKA: "Ooru Naito Rongu 2: Sanji." Then, "All Night Long 3: The Final Atrocity" (1996) chronicles the sordid life of a teen working at a "sex hotel." With Kanori Kadomatsu, Ryoka Yuzuki. AKA: "Ooru Naito Rongu 3: Saishuu-sho."
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